In Nature Not All Things are Equal, Some are Superior - and Proven by Science


Q.  Why are Natural Biology supplements more advanced than other dietary supplements?

A.   Natural Biology uses only clinical grade micro-nutrients, the type of ingredients used by holistic physicians.  Most supplements are food grade.   Each formula contains the same potency and active ingredient ratio established by a meta-analysis of major university research.  

Q.  What should I supplement?

A.  There are a lot of reasons to take supplements, but we believe the first reason should be to optimize your nutrition and improve your quality of life.  The typical diet is high in calories and low in nutrients.   Research confirms taking one of our advanced multi-nutrient formulas will improve your quality of life.  Our multi-nutrients are:   7 BASICS,  4GRAMS, & EVEREST Earth & Sea.  

Q.  Will your multi-nutrient formulas replace my multivitamin?

A.  Yes.  Multivitamins absorb purely and have low nutrient values.  Our formulas are breakthrough multi-nutrient formulas.  They are highly bioavailable with research-proven efficacy. They provide naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and co-factors - in the optimum amounts.  

Q.  Will I need Antioxidants if I take one of your Multi-Nutritional? 

A.  NO.  Our Multi-Nutritionals contain some of the most advanced antioxidant formulas in history.   

Q.  Why do all of your products come in capsules or soft gels?

A.  Capsules and soft gels preserve the active ingredients and allow the ingredients to be absorbed - improving bio-availability.   Pill and tablets are pressed together using glue - and if the ingredient is natural, this process alone often is destructive to the active ingredients, the reason you take a supplement.  

Q. What is your return policy?

A.  You may return any one product your purchase within 90 days.  Just return it to the shipping address on your label.   No questions asked for a full refund minus any shipping.  

Q.   Some of your supplements require 2, 5, or even 6 capsules per day.  Why?

A. It's Natural.  With advancements in natural ingredient processing, we are able to give you the highest quality natural ingredients in their purest, most potent, and active state.  That said, we can only reduce a natural ingredient so much before we begin to degrade it.  Therefore, taking a few more capsules is essential to insure you receive the full therapeutic benefits.  Just a few years ago, the number of capsules would have been 3-4 times as many for the same benefits. That's how much we've improved natural ingredient processing.  

Q. 7 BASICS™ is an Orthomolecular formula.  What does this mean?

A.  It is designed to work at the cellular level - where your health and energy begins.   Orthomolecular formulation was pioneered by  Dr. Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize winner.   His research into Vitamin C is legendary.  A simple explanation does not do the Orthomolecular justice but here's simplified explanation.    The body often sees micro-nutrients used in supplements as invaders, even as allergens.   The body's natural defenses resist these micro-nutrients even though they are good for us.   You hear a lot about efficacy and bio-availability.  This simply means outside of a test tub environment, how effective is the ingredient, its molecules, absorbed by your body for use.  Is it efficient.  Orthomolecular is a technique of formulating that insures each ingredients is tested to work, and then is infused into every cell in your body.   Orthomolecular only works when clinical grade ingredients are used in the right potencies, amounts, and purity levels. 

Q.  What are Sub-Clinical deficiencies?

A.  Something too many people suffer from and are not aware.  Increasingly this is a condition scientist are identifying.  Many people go to their physician and report not feeling the way they use to.    You have may have aches and pains, low energy, depression, or just feel like something not right.  The physician will typically order a panel of test, and reports back that all your test are in the quote normal range, which does not mean they are at optimum levels, but you pass the insurance code definition of normal.   We have people all the time who start our Orthomolecular supplements and report back as soon as a couple of weeks and say they cannot believe how much better they feel. Sub-clinical deficiency means your cells are not being properly nourished, protected, and energize due to low nutrient values.  

Q.  If I have cancer should I take your products?

A.   Maybe, but talk to your physician first.  Too many of our family members and friends have been affected by cancer.  FDA regulations will not allow us to recommend any supplement for treatment of any disease.  We recommend you work with your physician. Print out our label, discuss it with your physician, and follow their advice.   We highly recommend the following book written by Greg Anderson "Caner: 50 Essential Things to Do."    We believe in the body, mind, and soul. A good friend of Natural Biology says "in diversity, a good heart finds a blessing." May God be with you on your journey.

Q.  I understand all my body systems and organs consist of cells, but why do you talk so much about the mitochondria?

A.  It's the power plant of every cell.  Like a city, every cell needs a source of power.  Cellular power comes from the mitochondria.  If it is receiving the micro-nutrients it needs for energy and protection, your cells typically function at a higher level - thus all your organs and body systems will follow.   

Q.  Does the health of my mitochondria affect how I age?

A.  It's all about cellular health.  Today, scientists recognize mitochondrial dysfunction as a key biomarker of aging.  To take one instance, researchers have recorded evidence of 50% more mitochondrial damage in the brain cells of humans over 70 compared to middle-aged individuals.  Mitochondrial dysfunction and death are now definitively linked to the development of virtually all killer diseases of aging, from Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes to cancer to heart failure.

A.  Do you recommend any of your products for the  KETO diet?

Q.  Yes!    7 BASICS™  or 4 GRAMSare ideally suited for the KETO diet, Paleo, or Whole30 diets.  They provide nutrients in dense forms often missing from our diet.  

A.  What is the KETO diet?

Q. A proven way to loose weight.  Unlike many fad diets that come and go with very limited long-term success, the ketogenic diet (or keto diet) has been going strong for nearly 100 years. It’s based upon a solid understanding  of physiology and nutrition science.  It's based on replacing your source of energy with 70% fats versus carbohydrates (removing sugar from your diet.)   Once your body makes the transition to ketosis, your body burns fat for energy, you lose weight, fill full, and have more energy.  

A.  Should I take your supplements with or without food?

Q.  Whatever works best for you.  Any of our supplements can be taken without food because it is balanced, natural, and pure.   That said, if you have a sensitive stomach we recommend you take it with food.   Above, all drink 8 ounces of pure water when taking your supplements.